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John Manchester Manchester
I’d like to help you stand out at your next trade show

Hi, I’ll skip to the point. We specialize in custom logo’d gear to help your business shine. Struggling with fresh promo ideas? Let’s change that. With our direct factory connections, we have unique, economical solutions. Plus, you’ll work directly with me for a personalized experience. Because we work directly with the factories, a minimum shipment would have to be $ 1,000. If that’s not possible, no worries! Just let me know. Ready for an upgrade? We’ll cover setups and shipping for the rest of the month. Ideal for the upcoming Tradeshow and Summer Outing season. If you’d like to brainstorm some incredible ideas and make your brand stand out from the competition, book a time to chat with me here: Looking forward to elevating your brand! Best, John Manchester Screaming Logos P.S. Think beyond mugs and pens – let’s become creative

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