Artist Wes Loper


Wes Loper was a senior in high school when he decided to pursue art as a career. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1971 from the University of Oklahoma and attained his Master of Fine Arts degree two years later from Claremont Graduate School in Claremont California. As early as 1970 Wes Loper’s art was displayed in professional shows and exhibitions, and his involvement in such presentations continues to this day. His works have been prominently featured in over forty shows and exhibitions, including several one and two person shows. He now resides in his home in Chandler Oklahoma.

Wes has exhibited many facets of his creative talent. Some works include digital imagery that capture the motion of dancers, skaters, and Olympic athletes and other works show a more traditional influence but always relying on his basic talent for drawing and painting. In recent watercolor paintings Wes has turned his attention to landscapes, barns, and rustic buildings he has encountered on his travels. Some of his paintings are inspired by an abstract idea or simply the beauty of a memorable vacation spot. Or sometimes he is taken by subjects as close as Oklahoma route 66 or the view out his backdoor in Chandler. To Wes beauty is where you find it. Always a favorite medium he now works almost exclusively in watercolor on paper painting in a realistic though somewhat impressionistic style. In these works Wes draws his inspiration from the beauty of what he sees in his surroundings. His favorite subjects are rustic barns.


His original paintings are owned by a number of private collectors.


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Photo of Artist

Wes and his artist wife Judy and fur baby Matisse