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Bruce Lumley Lumley
Please send this on to the management team.

Please pass this along to the management team. Art Design & Sign (405) 258-2344 I rang your phone above and dropped a voicemail and didn’t hear back yet, so I decided to send this email from the contact form on We discovered you guys while doing research in the Advertising & Marketing industry. Employees who smoke erode profits. Consider this message more than just an email, but a crucial alert. It’s time to confront the hidden financial losses. Introducing four challenges you have the opportunity to able to tackle: 1. More productivity as the time spent on smoking breaks equals approximately 20 workdays a year. 2. Reduced sick leaves. Today’s minor health issues result in major absenteeism and future missed opportunities. 3. Smokers in the workforce dramatically inflate the cost of insurance. 4. Workplace harmony is disrupted as regular smoking pauses stir up discontent and damage the team’s unity. Choose our cost-effective, online program that effortlessly fits with every work environment, possibly at little to no cost, contingent upon team size. You’re now presented with 2 paths: 1. Disregard this alert. 2. Explore our program and see efficiency skyrocket and costs plummet. Tap this link for a one-minute video overview: The clock is ticking, and with every puff, your earnings are diminishing. Talk soon, Bruce, C.C.h. Founder, Speaker, and Guided Meditation Facilitator “Employee Quit Smoking Program” Thoughtsmith LLC Service Worldwide 844-797-4635 Since 2002, we have performed over 11,000 sessions in both personal as well as corporate settings. One Click Unsubscribe stops all email and contact form communication to your company from us.

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